The Death of Birth — Our Dismal Fertility Rates

Through Collapsed Fertility Rates, We Are Self-Exterminating

About the Author

Thomas Walsh, Ph.D., is a writer and photographer who specializes in the fields of social issues (especially the worldwide collapse of fertility rates), science and technology, travel, and the environment.

His travel and environment articles and photography have appeared in a number of magazines including Mountain Living, New Woman, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, Seattle Homes and Lifestyles, The Herb Companion and Natural Home. His work on the same subjects has appeared in a number of newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Salt Lake Tribune, Providence Journal, Tampa Tribune, Grand Rapids Press, Winston-Salem Journal, Vancouver Sun, and Toronto Globe and Mail as well as a number of other major newspapers. Thomas has published physics articles in national and international journals including Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, the Journal of non-Crystalline Solids and the International Journal of Modern Physics. He has served as Vice President of the Colorado Authors League and Contributing-Editor on Environmental Issues for Mountain Living Magazine.

In addition to speaking at numerous physics conferences, Thomas has spoken at the National Men’s Equality Congress and at the Children’s Rights Council’s Shared Parenting Conference.

Dr. Walsh has a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Georgetown University, and Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the University of Oregon.

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